Wojciech Orzechowski

Inwestor,twórca Warsztatów Inwestowania w Nieruchomości, WIWN

Businessman, investor and extremely effective coach of young investors. Thanks to wise investing in real estate, he became a rentier at the age of 37. Creator of Investments in Real Estate – WIWN.pl®. Author of the book “Make money on real estate” and Simulator of real estate investment “Rentier”. Using the knowledge and personal support of Wojciech Orzechowski, several hundred investors have already completed projects, each of which generated profits significantly exceeding the assumed goals. Every day, he solves complicated matters, and shares his knowledge and experiences with others. After years of practice on the Polish market, he developed a “killer” effective strategy for investing in real estate, thanks to which a group of his investors systematically achieves record profits.