Rafał Kamecki


Rafał Kamecki, born on 1975, graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics. Creator and owner of the art market portal Artinfo.pl, member of the board of the Stowarzyszenie Antykwariuszy i Marszandów Polskich (Association of Polish Antiquarians and Marchands). An expert on the art market and collector.

The Artinfo.pl company run by him is a leading Polish portal that monitors the development and functioning of the art market in Poland. The portal has been operating since 2000 and since its inception has accumulated hundreds of thousands of information, viewed by thousands of visitors. The number of visits to the homepage of the portal during the month reaches over 350,000 hits.

Artinfo.pl works towards the education of a thriving art market in Poland, promoting the collections of Polish art, especially among novice collectors interested in contemporary and young art. Particular attention is paid to photography. He runs auctions together with auction houses, renowned galleries and foundations.

On the basis of auction listings of over 300,000 objects, Artinfo.pl as an independent expert portal, developed the first report in Poland describing the condition of the art market. Along with the report, the unique ARTINFO TOP 1000 ranking was published – a list that is a compendium of knowledge about the sales prices of leading artists in Poland.