Piotr Głowacki


Licenced securities broker, creator of Training-Investing projects, tutor and first of all, an investor. Creator of Infoinwestor.pl website, used by 15,000 users. In November 2015 he became cofounder of FxCuffs Foundation Education and Development of Financial Markets, which support development and education of retail investors.

12 years of experience and knowledge let him develop his own strategy, which he now shares with others in many trainings and internet courses. More than 100 people took part in his Half Year Mentoring Program – Global Investment System.

Piotr’s investing path was hugely influenced by Robert Miner’s book: “High Probability Trading Strategies”. He developed his own methodology based on this book. He translated and published this book in Poland to share the knowledge contained there.

Infoinwestor.pl was created by Piotr in 2009 and in the beginning it was his trading journal.

He created more than 3,000 analysis and published almost 20,000 charts. The company in short time developed and now besides trainings, analysis and reports about situation on the markets it organizes also stationary seminars with foreign traders. “There comes a time, when money is not anymore important, and the Mission is what counts. For me this mission is to support investors on their path to success on Global Markets”.