Paulina Paprzycka

IT Project Manager | Co-founder w Blockchain Girls, Pacific i Trifinity

Paulina is an IT Project Manager, in charge of projects based on blockchain as part of the team. In practical terms, she coordinates teams of programmers working based on, among other things, Ethereum, Hyperledger or Waves.
Projects coordinated by Paulina include implementations on Hyperledger Fabric, a platform for genrating Szczepan Bentyn’s Personal Tokens or Pacific – a comprehensive payment system being a significant step forward on the way to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.
She is a co-founder of the Blockchain Girls initiative, aimed at comprehensive education of women about the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. As part of that initiative, she co-organises free events, thus building a community of women who want to gain knowledge and those who already have experience and are open to share their knowledge.
She is a member of Blockchain Polska Association and performs as a speaker during specialist events.