Michał Grzybkowski

CEO, Coinpaprika.com

Author of the book “Cryptocurrencies” which he wrote together with Szczepan Bentyn, an enthusiast of Internet technologies.
President and founder of the largest data processing center in Poland – Beyond.pl, as well as co-founder and investor in companies associated with new technologies: GreyWizard and GoldenSubmarine.
A graduate of the University of Economics in Poznań, where he studied electronic business with prof. Wojciech Cellary. In the years 2005-2006 he studied at the University of Oxford, where he carried out an individual PhD program in Corporate Governance. He is the laureate of the second edition of the prestigious Lesław A. Paga scholarship and also a graduate of the Singularity University.FX cuffs
Since 2016, adviser in domestic and foreign projects related to cryptocurrencies and ICO.