Marek Wołos Prelegent Invest Cuffs 2019

Marek Wołos


Marek Wołos is an experienced economist and manager, a specialist in financial marlets and foreign exchange hedge. He has over ten years of exprience in the CFD/FX market, in cooperation with both junior and senior management, as well as financial and owners’ supervision.
He has qualifications in advising companies on market risk hedge (foreign exchange, commodity, interest rates), valuation and financial analysis of companies, he cooperates with investment funds and with investors seeking external financing.

As a member of the management board of TMS Brokers, in 2010-2015 he was in charge of the position management department and later of the advisory and analysis department. Currently he is member of the Supervisory Board of Athena Investments Brokerage House.
In December 2016, the Chamber of Brokerage Houses, acting for the development of the Polish capital market, undertaking new steps regarding the OTC derivatives market, appointed Marek Wołos as the chamber’s expert in OTC derivatives markets.

He is an academic teacher and an active commentator on economic and foreign exchange issues in the media.