Kamil Szymański

Wicedyrektor Departamentu Rynków Regulowanych, Dom Maklerski mBanku

Kamil spent most of his professional career (over 12 years) in London, in the capacity of an investment advisor specialising in international banking, representing clients closely linked to the City of London and a group of investors based in Poland. While working for, among others, Lloyds Banking Group, Santander UK and Citi International Bank London, Kamil had a unique opportunity to offer a wide range of investment solutions for a higly diverse group of clients. Currently he is responsible for all aspects of operations of the Individual Brokerage Services Department at mBank’s Brokerage House, including coordination of analysts’ and private brokers’ work. He studied at the Uniiversity fo Gdańsk and is qualified to provide financial advisory services in the UK (Investment Management Certificate, Certificate in Financial Planning) and CFA title.