Kamil BilczyƄski

Wiceprezes, The Farm 51

Kamil has been professionally involved in devloping computer games and batlefield simulators since 2001. During his professional career he has cooperated with leading Polish game developing studios: City Interactive, People Can Fly, CD Projekt, The Farm 51 – creating projects of top world quality with an international reach: “Painkiller”, “The Witcher”, “Two Worlds II”, “Necrovision”, “Deadfall Adventures”, “Get Even”, “World War 3”. In 2005, together with a group of friends, he founded The Farm 51 company – focused on the production of computer games for PC platforms and consoles, as well as VR/AR applications dedicated to B2B/B2C markets. In 2012 The Farm 51 company was launched on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and in the following years it gained the status of a leading game-developing studio in Poland. Since 2016 he has headed the production team of “World War 3” – a game regarded as the biggest Polish success in the multi player game sector. In The Farm 51 Kamil is Creative Director and Head of Research and
Development, concentrating on the development of online-multiplayer computer games and academic and research projects.