Jaroslaw Urbaniak Prelegent Invest Cuffs 2019 Konferencja M1

Jarosław Urbaniak


Jaroslaw completed economy studies at the University of Warsaw. He trades mainly currencies and commodities (sometimes indices).
His strategy is based on AT, macroeconomics and geopolitics – and it is geopolitics that has been his hobby horse for 15 years. As he explains, “geopolitics determine politics and economics of the world and of particular countries.”

Currently he holds the position of CEO at HTP Trading. He is also involved in HTP INVESTMENT project, intended to be a hedge fund.
Moreover, he manages projects related to automation of trading and application of AI in trading financial markets, bots and combination of strategies aimed at implementation of market edges.
Jaroslaw Urbaniak is also in the process of obtaining CIIA licence.. His main activity is trading, but he also owns a company that buys and sells real estate.

His hobbies include ancient astronauts, geopolitics, boxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.