Terms Of Fair Invest Cuffs 2019 – Exhibitors
1. The provisions of these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) apply Exhibitors of Invest Cuffs 2019, hereinafter referred to as “Fair” organized by the Foundation FxCuffs – Education and Development of Financial Markets, hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”. Organizer and Exhibitor are hereinafter referred to collectively as “Parties”.
2. The Regulations are an integral part of the Sharing of Exhibition Space Agreement referred to as “Agreement” in the Fair.
3. All Exhibitors are obliged to respect the facility rules and order regulations in force at the venue of the Fair, in particular the General Conditions of the Lease of Congress Centre ICE Krakow attached hereto.
4. Fair may participate only Exhibitors presenting an offer consistent with the theme of the Fair.


1. Entities wishing to be Exhibitors (the “Applicant”) shall declare the will to participate in the fair as an Exhibitor via shared on investcuffs.pl contacts.
2. Confirmation of participation in the Fair occurs after the conclusion of the Agreement by the Parties. The contract is valid after signing by both parties.
3. The Organizer has the right to refuse to sign the Agreement for any reason. In this case does not occur conclusion of any agreement between the Parties. The applicant is entitled in this case, only the refund of all amounts paid.
4. The Organizer has the right to refuse Exhibitors participation in the fair, if this is in arrears with any payments to the Organizer. Parties recognize, in this case, that Organizer duly fulfilled all his obligations.
1. The Exhibitor undertakes to pay to the Organizer fee for the services specified in the Agreement.
2. Terms and method of payment of fee is determined in the Agreement.
3. Within the statutory time Exhibitors will be issued a proper invoice.
4. The fees for access to the exhibition area sets Fair Organizer.
1. The Exhibitor shall choose the place of specific exhibition space from the places made available by the Organizer.
2. whenever possible Organizer may assign exhibition space taking into account individual preferences of Exhibitor.
3. The Exhibitor acknowledges that all locations of exhibition space in the group (BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM) have the same value. Organizer is therefore entitled to change the location of the exhibition space, due to important reasons, which is no change in the Fair Contract and doesn’t lead to any claims from Exhibitor against the Organizer.

1. In the case of resignation from participation in the fair as an Exhibitor fees paid by the Exhibitor shall not be refunded, and the Organizer is entitled to claim for payment of the total remuneration specified in the Agreement.
2. Resignation from participation in the Fair is made in writing to be valid.
3. The Exhibitor after the deposit of declaration of resignation from the Fair has no right to apply for exhibition space.

§ 6.
1. The Exhibitor has the right to exhibit and promote their products only on shared exhibition space, under condition that it does not interfere with normal work of other Exhibitors and not blind neighboring exposure. In particular forbidden is using amplifying devices, additional lighting, etc..
2. Placing Exhibitors ads outside the purchased stand is possible only after consultation with the Organizer and for additional fee.
3. Depending on the type of package chosen, the Exhibitor shall provide the Organizer contact information, content, advertising and files with graphics, logos, trademarks and other materials subject to publication by the Organizer in connection with the organization or promotion of fair, on the date specified by the Organizer and at his request, under penalty of dismissal from the obligation of the Organizer of their publication while retaining the right to remuneration for their publication.
4. The Organizer may refuse to publish materials provided to him by the Exhibitor, if considers that such materials violate the legitimate interests of other participants of Fairs or Organizer or the rights of third parties, generally applicable legal standards or good morals.
5. The Organizer reserves the right to film and photograph the stands during the Fair and to use of these materials for the purposes of their own – promotion. Exhibitors are not entitled to the remuneration.
6. The Exhibitor is solely responsible for the content provided in advertising materials, promotional or information published in connection with the organization or promotion of the Fair.
7. The Exhibitor declares that presented by him materials does not infringe the rights of third parties, including, but not limited to, copyrights and other intellectual property rights.
8. Taking pictures and filming during the Fair requires prior consent of the Organizer.
9. By entering into an agreement to participate in the Fair, the Exhibitor agrees for using by the Organizer logo and corporate identity for purposes related to the organization of the Fair. Exhibitors are not entitled to the remuneration.
10. The Exhibitor is obliged to cooperate with the Organizer in Fair promotion, in particular through adequate advertising on its website and social media channels.
11. It is prohibited to distribute advertising materials by individuals and companies which are not Exhibitors at the Fair.

§ 7.
1. The Organizer shall only be liable for damage caused to Exhibitors purposefully by Organizer or a person acting on his behalf.
2. The Organizer or a person acting on its behalf shall not be liable for damage caused and sustained by the Exhibitor, as well as by third parties with which the Exhibitor carries out certain responsibilities determined in Regulations relating to the participation in the fair, as well as all activities related to the participation in the Fair, unless the damage resulted from the willful misconduct of the Organizer or a person acting on his behalf.
3. The Organizer is not liable for failure to due diligence, property damage and non-pecuniary damage or injury and any other losses incurred Exhibitors during the fair, except for damages resulting from willful misconduct of Organizer. In particular, but not exclusively, the Organizer is not liable for damages resulting from force majeure, as well as damage caused by third parties which weren’t under the authority and control of the Organizer, as well as for any damage to which has contributed the Exhibitor or person with which the Exhibitor carried out activities and obligations related to participation in the Fair.
4. The Organizer is not liable for damages resulting from improper use of the stand by the Exhibitor, including damage caused by the Exhibitor and third parties with which the Exhibitor carries out certain responsibilities in the Regulations relating to the participation in the Fair.
5. The Organizer shall not be liable for infringement of exclusive rights of Exhibitors, under the legal protection of utility models, industrial designs, geographical indications, trade mark, copyright and other rights arising from agreements on intellectual property rights, unless the violation results from willful misconduct of Organizer or a person acting on his behalf.
6. Organizer is not liable for damages, in particular, in case of cancellation of the Fair for reasons not attributable exclusively with the Organizer.
7. The Exhibitor is responsible for presented their images, works and advertising, as well as prepared materials directly related to participation in the Fair and during the Fair. In case of claims of third parties or institutions the Exhibitor undertakes to pay Organizer for associated damages and release the Organizer from incurring liability for such claims.
8. Exhibitors and persons acting on his behalf or representing his rights bear strict liability for any damage caused to the Organizer and third parties.
9. The Exhibitor has a duty to protect their property against theft and damage during the Fair.
10. The Exhibitor shall be liable for any damages resulting from improper use of the exhibition space, in particular damage of rented items (tables, chairs, etc.). The Organizer may claim the Exhibitor or persons acting on its behalf to be reimbursed for the damage shown by the Congress Centre ICE Krakow.
11. Exhibitor declares that he has appropriate approval from the relevant administrative authorities, authorizing the acquisition of personal data on the stand, and conduct prize draws and other activities for which the law obliges to obtain appropriate consent.
12. The Exhibitor is obliged to notify immediately the Organizer of occurrence of any event causing damage or such possibility.
13. Organizer will be entitled to claim in relation to the Exhibitor compensation for damage arising from failure to perform or improper performance of duties related to the assembly and disassembly of the stand, as well as the return of lent and borrowed things, as well as in the event of breaching by the Exhibitor rules of organization of the Fair included among other things in Agreement and the Regulations.
14. The exclusion of liability does not affect the Organizer to take his precautions and security Fair.
15. Organizer and Exhibitor exclude each other liability under the warranty.
16. The Organizer is not responsible for illegal activities undertaken by the Exhibitor.

1. Exhibitor at his own expense and on their own will construct exhibition stand.
2. The Organizer will provide the Exhibitor where possible elements of stands at his disposal.
3. The cost of delivery to the stand electricity and Internet connection (Wi-Fi) shall be borne by the Organizer.
4. The Exhibitor can start assembly work at the stand only after receiving the approval of the Organizer or by prior written arrangements.
5. The Organizer has the authority to terminate the work if he finds that they violate the rules of Fair organization or threaten the order or safety of persons or property.
6. During the assembly and dismantling it is forbidden to carry out work related to welding, grinding and causing pollination or fire hazard.
7. Throughout dispose of exhibition space Exhibitor is obliged to take care of the order on the stand and in passageways around the stand.
8. Installation and dismantling the stands can only take place within the time limits specified by the Organizer.
9. During assembly and disassembly forbidden is to infringe coatings or construction of walls and floors and other elements of the building which hosts the fairs.
10. The time allowed by the Organizer for dismantling the stands, the Exhibitor shall restore the shared to him exhibition space to the previous state, under penalty of the ordering these activities by the Organizer at the expense and risk of the Exhibitor.
11. Unacceptable is so-called “dirty assembly” – painting, gluing, plastering, sanding, welding, etc. Permitted are only necessary works to carry out the assembly and finishing.
12. Storage boxes, leaflets or garbage behind walls and roll-ups stands is prohibited.
13. During each assembly/disassembly the floor must be protected from damage, scratches (cardboard, foils, carpets, etc.) and rigid ,scratching and metal components should be placed on pads.

§ 9.
1. The Exhibitor is obliged to open stand for the visitors in the days and hours of the Fair.
2. If a presentation on the stand is conducted using any tracks, the Exhibitor is obliged to settle on his own issues of copyright and related rights to the works.
3. Exchange, completion of exposure, stand cleaning and its environment can only take place outside opening hours of the Fair.
4. Exhibitor may be called upon to immediately remove from the stand elements posing a threat to the safety of persons or property, violating the law or decency or otherwise obstructing the Fair.
5. Any promotional activities Exhibitors can take place only within the stand and agreed with the Organizer of the sites, but should in no way interfere with Fair and work of other Exhibitors.
6. During the assembly and dismantling of the exhibition space, as well as during of the fair, the Exhibitor is obliged to secure at his own expense and risk of the exhibits, in particular books, accessories, equipment, devices and others from possible damage or losses.

1. All participants must comply with the Fair universally applicable standards and safety rules, fire protection and sanitation and the Regulations and other regulations in force at the venue of the Fair.
2. The Exhibitor is obliged to obey the commands of order, issued by a representative of the Organizer.

3. The Fair are non-smoking area and use of open fire is forbidden. It is forbidden to carry in Fair weapons, ammunition, explosives and irritants or fire hazard.
4. It is forbidden to obstruct evacuation routes and blocking access to fire equipment.
5. The Exhibitor can not block routes and emergency exits, placed lighting and other thermal devices directly on the floor and in the vicinity of flammable materials, nor can he alone connect electricity and carry cables through passageways. Connection of electricity can be performed only by a person authorized by the Organizer.
6. Exhibitors and persons representing him are required to wear in a visible place (preferably on the neck) identifiers, and wristbands received from Organizer.
7. Consuming meals and beverages can only take place in designated areas (cafes, bars, restaurant).
8. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas. It is forbidden to park vehicles at the main entrance to the Congress Centre ICE Krakow.

Any complaints should be reported immediately to the Organizer in writing, not later than upon completion of the dismantling. After that date, any Exhibitors claims against the Organizer will expire.

1. The Organizer reserves the right to change the date or place of the Fair or their appeal. About changes Organizer shall promptly inform the Exhibitor. In case of cancellation of the Fair Organizer will return all Exhibitors cash advances without interest.
2. The Exhibitor expressly confirms that the Organizer did not give him any assurances or guarantees concerning economic performance, which reaches Exhibitor as a result of participation in the Fair. Therefore, he will not have in this respect to the Organizer any claims.
3. The Exhibitor may not sublet or give a free use of the exhibition space to other parties without the consent of the Organizer.
4. Adoption of the Terms becomes effective upon signing by the Exhibitor the Agreement.
5. In matters not regulated by the Rules of Fairs applies law of the Civil Code and other relevant provisions of Polish law.
6. Should any of the provisions of the Regulations happen to be invalid or ineffective, it will be automatically replaced by a provision valid and effective, which performs in a closest and fullest manner the disclosed disputed provision
7. Any additional and individual agreement between the Exhibitor and the Organizer must be in writing to be valid.
8. The Exhibitor may not, without the consent of the Organizer transfer rights and obligations under the Agreement to a third party.
9. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Regulations
10. Any amendments to the Regulations will be made in writing.
11. The agreement on participation in the Fair shall be subject to polish law and in accordance with this law will be interpreted. Any dispute between the Parties arising from this agreement shall be settled by the common court competent for the city of Krakow, Old Town.

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